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Top off your selection of shears with a "Dry Finish Shear."

The debate rages on – which is best? Should you cut wet or dry?

There is no one answer. Nearly everyone learns to cut wet. It is easier to section off the hair for a precision cut. On the other hand, cutting dry allows you to see what the end result will be as you cut the hair dry. The cowlicks or other potential problems are more easily seen and dwelt with when the hair is dry and you can more readily see how the hair is naturally going to fall on the daily routine. 

Some instructors say it is easier on the hair to cut while it is wet. Many people claim dry cutting is a must for curly and even wavy hair. Obviously using a dry finish shear for the finishing touches on your style is the best way to go.

On a practical side, you can get your customer in and out of the chair faster if you are not spending time blow drying their hair twice -once after the shampoo and again after the cut is complete. As a side note, many of your clients prefer getting it cut dry so they can watch and see how the style progresses and understand they will be able to duplicate the style at home.

Whatever you decide – happy hair cutting!

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